• Taught by Equine Canada Certified Instructors.

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  • We have 48 years of experience training and working with horses.  

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  • First Aid Classes, If you own a horse its not IF but WHEN you will be faced with an emergency.  

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  • We offer paddock, pasture board, heated indoor arena and barn. Horses fed 3X a day.  

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  • Equine Emergency First Aid Courses

  • First Aid is defined as the first available emergency treatment that can be administered to an injured or sick horse before a veterinarian can be reached. Prompt emergency treatment can: Preserve the horses life Alleviate suffering Aid the veterinarians efforts Promote recovery

    Classes Coming Soon.

  • Testimonials

  • I was also thinking of you the other day…. I'm so caught up with horses these days and it all properly started for me at Westwinds You were such a great instructor, really pushed me to try hard and learn fast, no nonsense and lots of fun! Thanks so much for that, you really put me on the path to where I want go .